Our Services

We offer emergency service, general repairs and routine maintenance,
as well as complete system design and installation.


We are undertaking electronic jobs
covering in depth every need in marine
and industry sector.


We are deliver reliable, technologically
advanced electrical, as well as
mechanical, services and installations.


We are specialists in the repair and overhaul of pneumatic and fuel components for marine and industry sector.

Repair of Shipping Electronics

Alpha Automation specializes in the repair of electronic shipping (boats, ships) directly, reliably and economically. We can and provide repair solutions to all shipping electronics consistently and reliably.

Boiler & Burner

We undertake the checking, the repair and the supply of spare parts in boilers and burners of ships. Our technical department can also inspect and provide the PLC programs and controllers.

Maneuvering System

According to manufacturer standards, all maneuvering systems needs to have maintenance every 2,5 for intermediate and 5 years for complete overhauling for the appropriate functionality.

CCR console service

We can supply any type of spare parts for CCR console, such as push buttons, switches, indicator lamps, relays, timers, panels, monitors, computer equipment, controllers and plc with installation and repair services.

Gas Detection System

The fixed gas sampling system is dedicated to the gas control in all tanks, void spaces, pump room or houses adjacent to cargo storage tanks and handling systems. Contact us for any inspection and repair services you may require.

Tankers Major Requirement

Officers and ratings assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment on oil or chemical tankers shall hold a certificate in mandatory minimum training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations.

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